ReGroup Conference 2016 - Session 2 with Dr. Steve Parr

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ReGroup is more than a brand; it is a philosophy. The churches' best strategy to make disciples is through Groups. Every group in the church exists to make disciples. There are four priorities a group must make if it wants to be a Healthy Group. Enjoy these videos.

ReGroup Conference 2016 - Session 1 with Dr. Steve Parr.

Groups exist to share the Gospel with the Lost

Groups exist to help believers Grow Spiritually

Groups exist to help believers Live Missionally

Must See Videos! Watch Sessions 1 & 2 or Dr. Steve Parr at the ReGroup Conference 2016 held at Summer Grove Baptist Church on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Every church leader, Parent and Pastor should watch these two videos.

Your Sunday School or Small Group Ministry Can Grow! Watch this video by Ken Marler to understand what it will take. Click on the Picture.

Groups exist to develop Biblical Community

Church/Group Consulting