Matthew 28:19 describes the purpose of the church and every believer--to make disciples. We understand the Bible is our content and relationships are the context, but how do you guide an individual towards a path of maturity? The Art of Making Disciples by Sean Keith will help you as a leader to understand the process of disciple making. An assessment is included to help you establish a regular interval for evaluation to determine if movement is positive or negative. The author utilizes five spiritual life markers that help you develop launching pads to a new aspect of the journey. You never graduate from these markers, you just identify the beginning and then measure how well you are in achieving positive movement. The assessment uses five well recognized purposes of the church. 

Whether you are the one being discipled or you are the one trying to guide someone else in their journey of becoming like Christ, this simple but powerful book will help you get where you need to go.

100 Small Changes was written by men and women who champion the work of Sunday School across North America.  They often wear many hats as a part of their roles at the state convention offices that serve Southern Baptist churches in a state or group of states.  One of those “hats” is that of “State Sunday School Director.” Collectively, they comprise the State Sunday School Directors Fellowship, which sponsored this book.

In the book, The Value of a Vibrant Sunday School, we consider several elements of the smaller community we call a Sunday School class or Small Group. In order to build an effective Sunday School, the focus must be on peo­ple. Our planning can’t lose sight of that reality. This book looks at five key values that help us get a handle on building a place where people can discover Christ and develop into disciple makers. Click on the buttons below to discover different formats of this book.

Lead Your Group, is a new resource by the Mid South Strategy Development Group that was written to develop new Leaders for your Sunday School or Small Group Ministry. Every church needs to recruit new leaders and start new groups EVERY YEAR. Use this tool to help you develop those new leaders into the best leader they can be for the glory of God.

Be a Catalyst: Start New Groups is a step by step guide in understanding and effectively beginning new groups in your church or community. For a new group to begin, there must be a catalyst that discovers the need, targets a specific group of people and engages key people in the enlistment, development and execution of a new group. Are you a New Groups Catalyst? If so, this book is for you.

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The purpose of Sunday School is to assist the church to accomplish the Great Commission. Simply put, our job is to make disciples. We are to make disciples who we hope and pray will in turn become disciple makers as well. These are simple words but a huge task. The Coaches Guide to Sunday School will provide the Pastor, Staff, Sunday School Director and Key leaders an overview of what an effective Sunday School needs to do to accomplish the Great Commission.your paragraph here.